Student Roster

The 2021/2022 club roster for all students is now available for review. We encourage you to follow the Club Scholarship Timeline for submitting your club scholarship awards. 

  • NOTE: If the Maximum Club Scholarship Eligibility is greater than $10,400 for a freshman or $12,400 for upperclassman, please do not award the student a scholarship at this time their file is being reviewed.

Renewable scholarships for continuing students will automatically be awarded for students who demonstrate financial need. Please do not resubmit scholarship awards for these students.  We will email you if a student is no longer eligible to receive a scholarship. If you have any questions please contact Gwen Troupe at

Thank you for your support of our Notre Dame students and best wishes from Notre Dame.

Agreement Before Proceeding:

I understand and agree that information I receive through access to the Notre Dame system regarding students admitted to the University of Notre Dame and continuing Notre Dame students, is confidential and the property of the University of Notre Dame. This information may not be released to anyone except the Notre Dame club members, who based on their duties with the club, have a “need to know” for scholarship decision purposes and who sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

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